"स्वस्थ भारत मस्त भारत" एक समन्य स्वास्थ कर्यक्रम है जो हैंड्स फार हेल्प दृरा सनचालित किया जा रहा हैं

Health Card

hands for help organise a health card Program  which arrange or, provide a free  routine basic health check - up for every 4 month & also try to provide subsidized medicine throw  pharma companies .  Camp venue : At Panchayat 


Minimum no of card should be 400 at one Panchayat for HC 

Health program completed

HIV/AIDS Awareness camp held on 24th Feb 2016 

we orginage a hiv/aids awareness camp at behind of kashmere gate , bank of yamuna river throw audio and video , where there 300 labour class worker appear in  awareness activity & camp, they understand how to protect himself  from  hiv/aids.

Free health camp held at Burari North Delhi

hands for help organise Free health camp at every sunday of Dec 2016, where we make Awareness for Dengue , chikungunya & viral vifer  . our Doctors teem provide free health consultancy & check - up Sugar, BP, & other test .over all in that camp provide health  benefits of  2000 people at Burari Delhi.

Health Camp & Awareness at keoti darbhanga bihar

hands for help organise a Health Camp & Awareness for Dengue , chikungunya & viral vifer  at july 2017, in this camp our volunteer make the  Awareness  at  door to door,  and who required medicine, volunteer generate the medicine card for Homeopathic complete course.   in this camp there were 200 people complete the medicine course & 5000 people gate Awareness for Dengue , chikungunya & viral vifer. 

Save Life

Delhi is a city where people come from all parts of India and even from all over the world to get medical treatment and often require blood during their treatment. They usually don’t know anybody in the city, most of the time don’t have access or knowledge about internet resulting they meet the touts to get the blood.

Hands For Help comes to help for these patients by running first of its kind Phone Blood Helpline from 10AM to 5 PM, 365 days in the year. Patients, their care takers or the Blood Bank officials can call our helpline numbers at +91 ********** to register the request. They provide the details of the patients and we try to fulfil the need within 2-5 hours of receiving the call by connecting to the nearest Emergency Blood Donor from that hospital.

This is our dream project and we are committed to fulfill this mission.
The idea is to create the largets human chain of “EMERGENCY BLOOD DONORS” who will always be ready to donate blood in any emergency. Our helpline numbers are with various hospitals in order to give timely help to the patient if they don’t have stock of a particular group.

 Our dream is to create a chain of minimum 500000 such people in Delhi/NCR/BIHAR and in other parts of India so that nobody will die just because of shortage of blood. But, due to shortage of funds and high costing involves, facing a slow growth in the mission. Our team is continually striving to achieve this dream which will reduce untimely death significantly.