H4H Programme

Vocational & Handicraft Training Programme.

One of the weaknesses if Indian education system is that it does note gives due importance to vocational education. As a result there is a mismatch between the skilled manpower required and skilled manpower available. Every year we churn out millions of graduates who do not have the specific skill sets required by the market, if this trend continue it would hurt our economic growth in the long run. To change this situation first we need to change our mindset. In India, people  are obsessed with attaining a graduation degree & generally look down upon vocational education. This has resulted in a situation where on the one hand there are scores of unemployed graduates and on the other hand there is a huge shortage of skilled worker such as  plumbers, electricians etc. to rectify this situation vocational training programs in India  need to be promoted in a big way . vocational education aims to develop skilled manpower through diversified. 

Drinking water & Sanitation Programme :

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