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Completed Projects

Drawing Competition held on 14th Nov2016 

We are excited to announce the 2016 Children's Day drawing competition which will discover and display the hidden talent of children's who usually don't get many occasions to celebrate. Lets come together to celebrate, inspire and raise awareness among the young budding artists.So guys,get Ready!!!! Date: 14th November.Venue: Murti classes delhi. where 60 student has participated & gate Prize .

Self-Defense  Training Camp 5th jan 2017 

1st self-defense camp organize at  Divyance public school , sangam vihar New Delhi, where 200 students attend  training & learn technique,  how to protect hir or him self for uncertain attacke . Training Given by our expert trainer 

English classes organize at every Sunday of January 2017 on  Laxmi vihar burari delhi.

Hands for help Run a Free 30days English classes at laxmi vihar,burari, Delhi For those child who can’t afford the tuition fee, under this program 40 child attend class and gate benefit .

Genius competition Exam held on Delhi 28 May 2017 at 2pm / Bihar 30 july 2017  at 11am 

Genius competition Organized by Hands for help at North Delhi & North Bihar Minimum ,Eligibility of students was   5th class , 12th & 1st 2nd3dr Yr. , subject - Hindi , English, Math, GK & GS , total mark will be 100 & time 1 hour, First Rank : 90-95% Achievers, second Rank: 80-85% ., which was successfully completed there were 500 student participated and get prize , Certificate & Exam Technique  .

Self-Defense  Training Camp 27th July 2017 

2nd  self-defense camp organize at  Anand pur Govt. School Darbhanga ,Bihar.  where 600 Girls students attend  training & learn technique,  how to protect himself for uncertain attack . Training Given by our expert trainer   

HIV/AIDS Awareness camp held on 24th Feb 2016 

we orginage a hiv/aids awareness camp at behind of kashmere gate , bank of yamuna river throw audio and video , where there 300 labour class worker appear in  awareness activity & camp, they understand how to protect himself  from  hiv/aids.

Free health camp held at Burari North Delhi

hands for help organise Free health camp at every sunday of Dec 2016, where we make Awareness for Dengue , chikungunya & viral vifer  . our Doctors teem provide free health consultancy & check - up Sugar, BP, & other test .over all in that camp provide health  benefits of  2000 people at Burari Delhi.

Health Camp & Awareness at keoti darbhanga bihar

hands for help organise a Health Camp & Awareness for Dengue , chikungunya & viral vifer  at july 2017, in this camp our volunteer make the  Awareness  at  door to door,  and who required medicine, volunteer generate the medicine card for Homeopathic complete course.   in this camp there were 200 people complete the medicine course & 5000 people gate Awareness for Dengue , chikungunya & viral vifer. 


Upcomming/ Running Projects

स्वस्थ भारत मस्त भारत- स्वास्थ प्रोग्राम 

सड़क सुरक्षा और हमारा दायित्व - सड़क शुरक्षा प्रोग्राम

हैंडस फार हेल्प छात्रवृती - छात्रवृती प्रोग्राम

बेटी को दरिंदों से बचाओ - आत्म-रक्षा प्रशिक्षण 

बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ - जागरुकता सिवीर

ससक्त नारी समपुर्न नारीब्यूटी-पार्लर , सिलाई-कराई इत्यादि