Dear Friends and Supporters,

The team at HANDSFORHELP hope you and your family are well.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation we wanted to update you on how the team are managing the impact on Handsforhelp charitable activities.

The health and safety of all our beneficiaries, staff, volunteers and supporters are of the utmost importance to us. Our office is now closed until further notice to ensure the safety and welfare of all the staff and volunteers. Fortunately, we are able to continue to work remotely. Phones have been diverted so you can still contact us on the office number and be directed to someone who can help you. We are also ensuring that our Founder Bob is well cared for and safe in his home.

Our priority is to ensure we are supporting our projects and working with our staff and partners in country to assist in any way we can. As you can imagine our beneficiaries are especially vulnerable during this time and we are looking for alternative ways to support the families and children within our programmes.

We will keep you up to date with the impact on the projects on our social media channels in the coming days.

Support a daily wage earner’s family for a WEEK during this CORONA VIRUS lockdown

SUPPORT CORONA VIRUS AFFECTED: Direct Bank transfer of Rs. 500/- per family of daily wage earners from poor/tribal/migrant communities of Maharashtra and KeralaWe are now fighting the CORONA VIRUS pandemic on a war-footing. Due to the lockdown, large parts of the formal and informal economy have been shutdown. The most hit are the daily wage earners are now jobless. IDEA runs many developmental projects in various underprivileged/ trbal/ migrant communities who need immediate help. While the selected families from Maharashtra are mostly from the most vulnerable tribal and migrant communities who do odd jobs and casual labor. Already facing marginalization and discrimination, these tribals and migrants are facing a difficult ordeal during this current lockdown. The selected families from Kerala are from the flood-affected regions whose houses are damaged and livelihoods destroyed by repeated floods in Kerala. The floods have already created havoc in their lives and now due to CORONA VIRUS Pandemic, they have lost both their traditional and alternate livelihoods.We plan to make immediate direct bank transfers to the affected families. Direct bank transfers are the most effective since the money will be spent by the beneficiary on his/ her urgent needs.Your donation Rs. 500/- will greatly help a jobless daily wage earner’s family for a week. Pease DONATE to ensure that an underprivileged person survives this pandemic. INDIA IS UNDER LOCKDOWN, BUT OUR HEARTS ARE NOT!

Help us give food & sanitation kit to daily wage workers in corona virus crisis

100% of your contribution goes towards the cause. The problem Directly support individuals impacted by the virus As the crisis grows, the people most affected by it will be those living in India’s unorganised sector of the Indian economy. These are typically daily wagers, maids, house helps, construction site workers, plumbers, electricians, workers in small units, delivery boys, etc., and their financial wellbeing will be directly impacted by their inability to earn their daily wage. It is here that we can all extend our help to such affected persons, in turn, help their families. The Immediate Requirements (a) Food A large amount of hourly/daily wage workers do not have the backing of any sort of insurance, and as we all know they are among the most vulnerable to the negative financial effects of the pandemic. With no way to cover expenses, workers like these will inevitably struggle to earn money for food and medicinal support. For these two important reasons, reasons, it’s important to look at us, the blessed class of people who The Almighty has granted His Graces, and make a concrete initiative to help them get ahead of the crisis by starting to provide the necessary support to individuals like these. (b) Medicine These low-income households are already strained in good times to make ends meet, but this new threat makes it even more important for us to be able to provide immediate medical assistance (to address the basic Covid19 Symptoms) to these targeted households. As educated Indians, we have a responsibility to take along the millions who are suffering. Our involvement here will be community participation in conjunction with local authorities to test those people who we are serving food to and to bring them to the attention of the health authorities if they show signs of the infection. We want to make food and medicinal kit for each family in the areas. The Funds We need a massive input of funds to run such an initiative(s). Our first step is to raise Rupees thirty Lacks But the amount of time and effort needed is massive. We need volunteers, we need administrative support to do this, we need help from the authorities for security, we need help from medical institutions for the health checks and we need delivery partners to run this initiative. By our current estimates, the use of funds we foresee are as follows: 75% towards free preparation and food distribution, starting with 100 per cent initially. 15% per cent towards medical supplies, thermometers, masks, gloves, soaps, sanitizers and social distancing devices 5% for transportation costs We see ourselves only as of the first step to doing this, we are happy to even hand over the initiative to anyone who has the wherewithal and the experience and the scale to take it up and run it end to end, and keep ourselves in a volunteer role. This is just the initiation of the exercise. It will need unprecedented support for all of us to safely get through these tough times. Since basic food is the initial element, we are looking at fulfilment of a meal with 2200 Cal (as per the WHO guidelines). We would like to tie up with cloud kitchens who have the geographical reach to source the meals at a good rate (considering this is a social venture) using their existing capacities, with private equity and venture funds, who have access to the funding, to use their good offices to provide us access to CSR initiatives of their investee companies and with large corporate houses and public trusts who have been for decades doing yeomen service. Everyone is welcome to participate in this initiative. The Locations We intend to be operational in such vulnerable areas around/at Tamil Nadu, though we plan to address the initiative at Kanchipuram and Chennai for which the drill-down is in progress, with a focus in the areas such as: Kanchipuram Chennai Chengalpattu Kanchipuram vegetable market Uthiramerur Construction, labour market areas in Kanchipuram and chengl pattu The Operating Model The initial plan is the trial pilot for Kanchipuram and Chennai. We will tie-up with a cloud kitchen that will provide us with the meals prepared and delivered to us in unmarked vans in central locations in these areas. We are trying to identify a reputed Organisation (NGO) which has the passion and the wherewithal, to be able to carry out the food (and medicines) to help us with the last mile distribution in these areas. The local administration (local municipal authorities) will need to rope in to provide help in identifying BPL beneficiaries, who will help us identify the right people to be able to cater to in a meaningful manner. We are conscious of the risk exposure to those who will rush to collect the food (and medicines) for which we will have to maintain social distancing rules, the local laws (if Section 144 has been imposed). In this endeavour, we will need the local administration’s permission to operate with these zones. More importantly, we will also need to Police support for helping this initiative reach its objective, without any impediment. The above are aspects where any personal connection that you can provide us will help us in seeking the right combination which will help us steer forward together to help the needy in a concrete manner.